Our Green points

  1. Passion. We believe in the value of our identity. The identity of an Italian company that for over 70years has been telling the whole world about its passion for office furniture design.
  2. Made in Italy. We are proud to guarantee a production process carried out entirely in Italy.
  3. Future. We have always invested in innovative materials and technologies with low environmental impact. Building our tomorrow means making the right choices today.
  4. Wellbeing. We design solutions and work environments that focus on people and their needs.
  5. Innovation. We constantly invest in the research of new technologies that offer a new approach to office furniture design.
  6. Green Energy. Since2011, our production site has been generating and using clean energy thanks to a photovoltaic system.
  7. Commitment. Our “Green” philosophy is based on getting better and never resting on our laurels. We always choose sustainable paths that focus on health and environmental protection.

What we offer in Green Pea

VM offers solutions for the design and creation of office furniture according to the highest “Made in Italy” standards.

Our products are made with sustainable processes that use high-quality certified raw materials, free of toxic and harmful elements. Our commitment to innovation and new technologies allows us to create ergonomic and “intelligent” furnishings based on IoT principles for an optimised use of the space and correct management of the workstations and meeting rooms.


Where do you find us



Home living & design

For IVM, being “Green” means never forgetting that everything we do originates from one of the noblest and most important raw materials in the world: wood. Each panel conceals a quality that cannot be seen, but that honours this extraordinary gift given to us by nature. We treat it with respect and care, making sure to use certified raw materials and sustainable processes, while reducing any toxic or harmful elements.

We try to make our contribution to a better world. Because this world is everyone’s home.

When a company produces, it asks the Planet for something, so we must find the best way to give back what we took. We must never forget that everything we do is not only about us: if we realise that one of our choices can harm or damage the planet, then we must find another way of doing it, one that loves and respects everything that surrounds us.

We imagine a future where innovation, new technologies and a more mindful philosophy of life can lay the foundations for a better future on this planet. A future where resources are used in the best way possible to create cutting-edge products and solutions that are more sustainable, more useful and more precious. The world of tomorrow is built today, and we are doing our best to plan our future, without ever forgetting where we came from.