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Our Green points

  1. CLASSIC. K-Way® is the first packable jacket in the history of clothing: it can be folded up into its pocket, to always be with you in case of bad weather.
  2. CONTEMPORARY. K-Way® jackets never go out of fashion: you buy one and it lasts forever.
  3. TECHNICAL. K-Way® Research & Development Centre in Turin works non-stop to produce cutting-edge products, favoring sustainable, eco-friendly materials and processes, like 100% recycled nylon and heat sealing.
  4. FUNCTIONAL. K-Way® items are never an end in itself: every model has been conceived and manufactured not only to be beautiful, but also to provide specific protection features for people or accessorie.
  5. COLORFUL. K-Way® is immediately recognizable: thanks to its iconic yellow-orange-blue zipper or its colors, chosen to be adaptable to any look.
  6. CARING FOR PEOPLE. K-Way®collections are designed in Italy by the BasicNet Group and manufactured around the world by industrial partners sharing the same company welfare philosophy: ensuring workplaces are conceived to maximize people’s physical and psychological well-being, as well as their safety.
  7. RESPECTING THE ENVIRONMENT. Before joining the BasicNet Group as a partner every company undergoes careful scrutiny to ensure that not just people but also the environment is respected through certified industrial processes.

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