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Our Green points

  1. We are a small artisan workshop of organic cosmetics with a big dream: to create effective and good products for those who use them, which are also good for the world we live in, made up of nature and people and communities that live it. This is our mission, the spirit that guides us in the choice, formulation and realization of our 100% conscious cosmetics.
  2. Our formulas have zero petrochemical ingredients: we use only ingredients of plant origin, from organic and sustainable agriculture to be well tolerated by the skin, not to pollute our world and to safeguard animals.
  3. Natural cosmetics that work! Our Research & Development department studies the ingredients and formulas accurately, subjecting them to rigorous scientific tests. For this reason, our cosmetics are not only as effective as traditional cosmetics, which they have nothing to envy, but are also extremely compatible with any type of skin and progressive.
  4. Our cosmetics are certified organic, a guarantee of safety and benefits for those who use them and of low environmental impact of the products and ingredients used. The certification is issued by the CCPB certification body, which verifies with periodic inspections our workshop.
  5. We have always chosen light and ecological packaging for our cosmetics, but in recent years we have taken a step further: our goal is to completely eliminate virgin plastic from our lines, we adopt alternative materials such as glass, recycled aluminum, recycled paper, bioplastic from sugar cane, recycled re-bottle plastic and sea plastic.
  6. What we want are high quality products at affordable prices that respect the work of all the people involved in the production chain. We have cut all the excess from the products (advertising, complicated, expensive and polluting packaging) to make their price accessible for those who use them without having to compromise with the quality of the recipes and the raw materials used.
  7. Our supply chain is ethical and fair trade: the ingredients contained in our recipes have been selected, grown and processed with ethical criteria. These are generally local and organic products, the result of the work of small family-run farms or companies that promote social projects and work inclusion. And when is it not possible to find raw materials at km 0? We look for them far away, looking for projects for which a fair compensation is recognized to the workers involved in the production process.

What we offer in Green Pea

In Green Pea you can find our face, body and hair care products. What will you love?
The excellent quality at a fair price, the attention to the environment from all points of view, starting with the formulas and passing through the light and ecological packaging. You will find products that are easy to use and super effective: are you ready to discover the products you will never be able to live without? Serums and face creams, shampoos and conditioners, cleansers and our entire line of solid cosmetics awaits you to surprise you with fabulous scents and wonderful textures.


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