Our Green points

  1. We are Feltrinelli. For the last sixty years we have been opening bookshops, and since then readers have been opening the books we have been selecting and publishing for them, following our curiosity and intellectual integrity. But the truth is, books are the ones that open us up, because they make us more aware, freer to think, choose and be what we want to be.
  2. We believe that openness improves society. It makes it more open to culture, curiosity, new experiences and diversities, and today, also to sustainability. Because improving society means opening it towards a greener concept of life.
  3. Green thinking can open our perspectives and make us become a new person, that respects nature, its rhythm and resources, that fights for a more equal society, that thinks before consuming, that is aware of the impact of its behaviour and believes in a better future. Not only for a sense of duty, but because we want to be part of a wider project, where respect and not exploitation is the moving power for reaching happiness, for us and for the future generations. For this reason, we are opening a new Feltrinelli inside Green Pea.
  4. A fertile sprout of green thinking, opening for the community.
  5. An incubator that can amplify the message for a more sustainable behaviour, with a dedicated and specifically selected offer of books, events, ideas and products to help give our contribution for a greener and happier world.

What we offer in Green Pea

A huge green space dedicated to the environment. With stories about mountains, nature, eco-friendly and sustainable tourism, Shirin-Yoku. Architecture and environment, green materials and locations. Economy, sociology, philosophy, technological development and science for a new anthropology reinventing the relationship between man and nature.Children books and manuals for parents and educators, Hape toys. And open worlds, new sustainable products with a great price for value, because a real green culture must be accessible to everybody.

Where do you find us



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