Le candele di Franca


Our Green points

  1. Our small company was born in Italy over 40 years ago.
    It was a challenge at first… full of passion and fun, in a small workshop based in Vinovo. Our aim was to create something that didn’t exist before.
  2. Our works are entirely hand-made in Italy. We have been awarded the certificate of “Piedmont Artisan Excellence” from Regione Piemonte since many years.
  3. All materials we use are eco-friendly and green. They come from nature such as real flowers.
  4. Our production is entirely hand-crafted by italian artisans. No machine can help or replace us!
  5. We have been using green energy since this year.
  6. I am very lucky to work in harmony with a special staff. My co-worker has been working with me for 25 years now!
  7. We are always seeking out new natural raw materials.

What we offer in Green Pea

La candela è un prodotto ‘antico’ perché è stata inventata da migliaia di anni. Se fatta correttamente agisce da catalizzatore ed ossida tutti gli elementi inquinanti presenti nelle nostre case. Prodotte con paraffina ad uso alimentare purissima, assolutamente inodore e quindi né tossica né cancerogena. Colate artigianalmente a riempimento sono dilunga durata, bruciano molto lentamente, e si consumano all’interno lasciando poco residuo. Residuo che può essere filtrato e riutilizzato. Gli stoppini sono di cotone e cotone lino con un processo a filiera controllata. Le nostre offerte sono di prodotti unici, con logo nostro e Green Pea, le nostre candele classiche ed alcuni prodotti dedicati a Green Pea con il nostro impegno e la nostra creatività

Where do you find us



Home living & design

Being green is in our DNA by now. Since we love the world we are living in, it is our duty to be eco-friendly!

The story we tell to the children is… candles keep you good company.

Theirs soft colors and warm lights are a treat for the eyes! They doesn’t make any noise and you can blow them out softly. And then if you look closely, you’ll see that all the flowers (inside the candles) are real ones! But these have the same color you can see on trees and in the fields.We have never torn a flower, because it gets quickly damaged and the plant begins to wilt and suffer. Let’s think about this: it takes a whole season for a little flower to bloom, but it could be destroyed in a second…. and maybe it will never grow another flower in its place! That’s the story we tell to the children.

We truly believe that we need to turn everyone’s attention to the future. Let’s think about it. Our planet is sick and we must take care of it….we must heal it, since we are all responsible for it. Just take a look at the climate changes in our beautiful world and at the suffering of animals. Future will be better, if we understand it right now.