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Our Green points

  1. We are an Italian publishing house. Over the past 30 years we have been the leaders in the production of Tarot cards, both old and modern, playing cards and divination cards.We are internationally recognised in this sector
  2. for our quality, excellence and professionality.
  3. We are proudly from Turin. For this reason, we can maintain our originality and our Italian vision of quality, completely “Made In Italy”. Additionally, we have many collaborations with other Italian brands such as Eataly and iL Maestro del Gusto Alberto Marchetti.
  4. Over the years we have experimented with the utilisation of eco-friendly materials and technologies, for example FSC certification.
  5. We always take into consideration sustainability and respect for the environment. We carefully choose the best partners for our productions.
  6. From 2019, the energy utilised in our company derives from renewable sources and it is produced from the Grosio (SO) water supply system. We have always made an effort to create a friendly and welcoming work place, focusing on the wellbeing of our workers and our external collaborators.
  7. With every year that goes by, we grow and challenge ourselves to improve, investing in innovative and Green solutions to incorporate into our productions.

What we offer in Green Pea

We are an Italian publishing house, based in Turin. We produce Tarot cards, playing cards, books and comic books. Over the past thirty years we have produced more than two hundred decks by great Italian artists such as Sergio Toppi, Benito Jacovitti, Paolo Barbieri, Milo Manara, Paolo Serpieri, Fabio Listrani and more. Furthermore, we have previously collaborated with Eataly for the creation and realisation of diverse boardgames: The Gioco della Gallina, Memory dell’Orto, Memory Bee the Future.

  • creativity
  • quality
  • competency
  • research
  • art

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The environment for us is something to love, respect and also something we should experience everyday. We are convinced that each and everyone of us should connect on a deeper level with the environment and our “environmental self” as we cannot live only in a materialistic world.
We believe we need to dedicate our time and ourselves to nature and to daily environmental rituals. For this reason, even in our work, Mother Nature inspires us and guides us in our every decision.

Observe the Earth with this mental image: Earth is represented as an atom. However, instead of electrons, you see a man, an animal, a plant and everything you can imagine. As you can see we are all connected, linked as in a ring-around-the-roses circle. We are all part of a big family called Earth. Help your mom and dad and all your friends to protect and preserve this beautiful planet in which you live.

This is how we see the Earth: our home, our welcoming refuge, a place where we can relax and feel protected, a place where we can see our children grow with absolute serenity, thankful we can leave them with our ideas for protecting the world and the environment. Our main project is to work hard to contribute in creating a balance between us and the Earth. No one and no one thing can compromise this. Our children should be assured a serene future.