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Our Green points

  1. Mission. Our motto is ‘hands-free’ as our backpacks allow people to experience everyday life without constraints.
  2. Materials. We use leftovers from certified woolen mills to eliminate waste or materials such as regenerated or vegetable tanned leathers to minimise environmental impact.
  3. Handmade. We create high quality products, made using tailoring techniques in a creative workshop run by a team of women.
  4. 100% made in Piedmont. We promote a short supply chain, using only suppliers who work in Italy and produce in Piedmont.
  5. Buy less, buy better. We produce backpacks and accessories tested to last and resist daily use.
  6. Service. We offer a post-purchase service that allows you to refurbish your product.
  7. Functionality. Characterised by a minimalist design, our backpacks are designed to be safe and functional at all times of day, making them an ideal accessory for dynamic people who live in the city, travel and enjoy nature

What we offer in Green Pea

We create Made in Italy sartorial backpacks and accessories with a minimal and functional design.
Taking the most important elements of the sartorial world, such as manufacturing techniques and attention to detail, we transform them into urban and contemporary style accessories for everyday life. We produce in limited edition collection and made-to-measure in a workshop run by a team of women with the aim of avoiding waste and offering a wide choice of colours and patterns each season. We use high-quality fabrics, leftovers from certified wool mills from Biella textile district and innovative materials such as regenerated leather.

With a MIRANTICO backpack we want to make everyday adventures stylish, light and hands-free.

  • Minimal Design
  • Made in Italy
  • High quality materials
  • Craftsmanship

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