Our Green points

  1. Proudly Italian, we have been producing sun protection systems since 1963. As a leader in all aspects of this field, thanks to our state-of-the-art technological program, we offer industry specialists the most suitable solution for each type of application.
  2. Today we are known throughout the world and are universally recognized as one of the leading Italian industry specialists for this sector.
  3. We meet the ever-increasing demand for sustainability and ecological responsibility with environmentally friendly, recyclable fabrics able to enhance the management of sunlight while protecting the environment and people. We use nationally certified disposal facilities, we power our operations with energy from renewable sources, we demand maximum safety in the workplace and in our warehouses.
  4. We handle each and every stage of the production process directly, from raw materials to the finished product. We can boast a complete, comprehensive in-house supply chain so that finished products are delivered directly to foreign sales branches from the parent company, thus optimizing costs and resources. This is how our made-to-measure product reaches everywhere in Europe.
  5. In time, we have increasingly focused on sun protection, developing a range of products that offer high performance in terms of shading, energy efficiency and savings.
  6. We are constantly investing in all-round innovation, seeking unique solutions for safer, better production methods, performance and products. We believe that this is the real added value that sets the quality product apart from mass production.
  7. Our constant daily commitment is to travel the most difficult paths, uncompromisingly making customer satisfaction our ultimate goal.

What we offer in Green Pea

We have risen to the green challenge with a full range of “Sunshade Solutions”: technical blinds, motorised roller blinds that use a sustainable, economic power supply, systems for blinds made of recycled or recyclable materials, collections of cutting edge, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, hypoallergenic, fire-retardant fabrics that are harmless to both man and environment, and such fabrics are used in both technical curtains and soft shades. And of course, we use certified Italian disposal facilities, energy from renewable sources, and ensure utmost safety in the workplace.


Where you will find us in Green Pea


Home living & design

  • Being Green is a way of life, not a fashion. Being Green means knowing that the planet is not something our generation owns but rather a precious commodity lent to us by future generations, and, that we must act accordingly. We have been Green for a long time. We pay attention to our product certifications, to energy savings achieved through the production processes and, last but not least, by our most advanced products. We support the balance between environment, people and economy. Doing business. Whole heartedly.

  • Green is the color of nature. For us, being green means adopting environmentally friendly conduct, so we do not waste resources. What do friends do? They help you! And we help our planet. We do not waste electricity and water. We use products that do not pollute. We reuse or reinvent objects that are no longer used. We take all our wastes and sort them into separate containers. In our own small way, we strive to be superheroes, saviours to the world that hosts us.

  • Sono stati sufficienti cento anni per mettere in crisi un pianeta nato da milioni di anni.
    Se oggi essere Green è una virtù domani sarà un dovere, quello che sta capitando nel mondo è un segnale, anzi molteplici segnali con cui il mondo ci dice, ogni giorno, che siamo arrivati al limite. Cambiamenti climatici repentini, la foresta che brucia, i fiumi ridotti a discariche a cielo aperto, plastica dappertutto.

    Se oggi accettare tutto ciò è difficile, domani sarà impossibile. Il Green dei prossimi anni sarà decisivo non solo per l’ambiente ma per la sopravvivenza dell’uomo. Dovremo, in questi anni, decidere se deve prevalere lo sfruttamento ceco del pianeta a favore di sempre meno o salvarci in tempo.

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Green Pea has just been born and has the aim of getting ahead: we start from Turin and we have the planet in mind. To do this, we are looking for people who share our ideas of sustainability and who want to make it practical and cozy. Together with our Partners, we work every day to meet our customers’ need, without ever losing sight of the future of all of us. In Green Pea you will find a dynamic, organized and constantly growing environment, open to experimentation.
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