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Our Green points

  1. We founded NASTE Beauty with a very specific dream and a mission to achieve: taking care of yourself while taking care of the Planet can be cool.
  2. Idealistic and determined, we have anchored the brand to these cornerstones: quality products must be accessible to everyone, because we believe that sustainability and self-care should not be niche.
  3. Innovation and originality are our strengths: our cosmetics are produced through circular economy processes, we give new life to agri-food by-products by transforming them into products with incredible properties for face, body and hair care.
  4. Each cosmetic line is characterized by a raw material for which a functional and highly qualitative ingredient is obtained through processes powered by renewable energy.
  5. For us, sustainability lies in every detail of the production process and in every part of our work: from the ingredients and the production chain, the packaging to our collaboration with local social cooperatives. We want NASTE Beauty
    generate a positive impact at every stage.
  6. In fact, every purchase contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and water consumption thanks to the technologies of our partners and the selected packaging, each box packaged and shipped by the social cooperatives with which we collaborate allows people from disadvantaged categories to learn a trade , each ingredient present in the cosmetic is chosen preferring a local dimension and specific varieties with a view to preserving biodiversity and finally each cosmetic guarantees the best result because it contains and is formulated by the expertise of an industrial partner with decades of experience, Dr. Reynaldi.
  7. NASTE Beauty is enthusiasm, passion, inclusiveness and the union of pleasure with duty: taking care of yourself and the Planet can be cool.


What we offer in Green Pea

Our beauty products give a second life to agri-food by-products remaining from production processes. After careful studies, research and advanced technological processes, our cosmetics are formulated and combined with other natural ingredients to exploit the properties of the raw material used and guarantee the highest effectiveness for the skin of the face, body and hair.

The commitment and positive impact that we generate at every stage of the production process and daily work in the company are the basis of NASTE Beauty. What distinguishes us is the union of an original and sustainable idea with the creativity of a young, dynamic team eager to work for a better future. Our apple paste-based line is the perfect line for sustainable and effective skincare which joins the spirulina algae-based line for body care products and the hazelnut extract-based line for innovative haircare , natural and with excellent results.

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