natural cosmetic products

Our Green points

  1. We are a family-run company, one of the first ones in Italy to produce professional bio cosmetics for the Hair-styling industry
  2. All the production process is strictly MADE IN ITALY
  3. Guaranteed production chain
  4. Use of plant and, if possible, organic raw materials
  5. All the energy of our production is GREEN
  6. We support and encourage our teams, each with their own aptitudes and talents, for a common goal
  7. Ongoing research and development for an increasingly sustainable product and packaging with reduced environmental impact. We support and invest in local projects through our distribution network

What we offer in Green Pea

Your beauty, in an instant. A collection of botanical and sensory paths that give immediate results of shine and beauty to the hair and skin. The right combination of Nature Inside products gives you a complete and effective experience with each use, in the salon or at home. Nature inside offers moments of totalizing natural cosmetics: hydrates, nourishes, volumizes and purifies. With dynamismit restores shine to the hair and freshness to the skin.

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