Our Green points

  1. We are an Italian factory that has been producing quality knitwear in Turin since 1936, with a vertical internal production from yarns to finished garments, 100% Made in Italy.
  2. We use natural fibers or fibers of natural origin, recyclable and biodegradable, to protect the health of the wearer.
  3. We use only raw materials certified for environment and human health protection.
  4. We promote a short supply chain, by means ofItalian or European suppliers.
  5. We produce high quality garments that last over time and do not become waste soon.
  6. We respect workers and promote local community know-how and excellence of knowledge.
  7. We produce using renewable energy, sustainable packaging and recycled materials.

What we offer in Green Pea

Oscalito and Natyoural offer a collection of quality, ethically responsible and sustainable underwear and knitwear. Excellence, Naturalness and Made in Italy are the three key principles of our vision. Each creation renews the Italian sartorial tradition, from yarn to finished garment.

The Mission of Oscalito and Natyoural is based on the choice to use only the excellence of natural (or natural origin) fibers, whose transformation is entrusted to the experienced craftmanship of skilled labor, for a sustainable growth in respect of the ecosystem and of the social and territorial community. We have always remained faithful to our values, creating unique high-end products, maintaining a 100% Italian production to guarantee quality, well-being and comfort, as well asa personal and original distinctive feature. The continuous research between tradition and innovation led us to use RFID technology on each single item label to ensure complete production traceability.

  • Well-being
  • Style
  • Health
  • Sustainability
  • Excellence
  • Quality

Where do you find us



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Our choices define what we are and which world we want to live in. Our every action transforms the environment around us. Oscalito and Natyoural contribute to the harmony between Mankind and Nature, to ensure the survival and prosperity of both, with the idea that no natural resources belong to us, but they are entrusted to us in order to preserve them in the interest of future generations.
Oscalito and Natyoural promote sustainable production for the environment and the social community that host us, respecting the rhythms of the Earth, to protect the health and well-being of those who wear our garments: excellence and quality to celebrate the beauty that surrounds us.

Being “green” means loving the people around us and the nature that hosts us. The planet we inhabit is a gift that we must ward as if it were the most precious thing we have.

Oscalito and Natyoural respect the rhythms of nature: we collect natural resources (sheep’s wool, cotton and linen that grow in the fields, silk offered us by caterpillars before they turn into butterflies) giving them time to grow back again, we color the yarns without polluting and we knit respecting the work of the people who weave and sew. Our garments last for a long time and even when they are thrown away, they do not pollute, since they are natural, biodegradable and recyclable. Only if we all work together, will we be able to save our wonderful Earth and enjoy its beauty every day.

Oscalito and Natyoural dream of a green planet and strive daily with all their might to bring mankind back into harmony with nature.

We are convinced that our short supply chain, from yarn to finished garment, sustainable for the environment and for the social community that hosts it, is the right ethical choice. We would like to be an example and help to correct the worst deviations of globalization and fast fashion. We will continue to feed on 100% green energy, to use packaging deriving from biomass and we will continue our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of every little gesture we make.