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manufacturers of clothing and accessories

Our Green points

  1. We have a long tradition starting in 1895. First Silk Spinning and Hand Weaving are in our DNA to meet the challenges of fashion, especially in accessories.
  2. Processing in our territory and therefore Made in Italy, is our strength.
  3. High craftsmanship is our daily method in the production chain
  4. The search for noble materials, such as cashmere for its thermal properties or other fine wools native to Italy, guarantees a long and sustainable life cycle for our products.
  5. We aim in our small way at point 12 of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The goal is to ensure sustainable patterns of production and consumption.
  6. Our company is part of one of the most representative associations at the Italian level, the “Confartigianato Imprese”.
  7. The long-term goal is to establish short supply chains and lean work processes, where the Person, will unquestionably come first.

What we offer in Green Pea

Nicki Colombo with its fashion accessories, such as scarves, stoles, caps, ponchos, hats and fine knitwear in detail, offers its customers, a selection of products with trendy colors without neglecting its historicity of a timeless product. Wearing a high-quality garment is a state of mind, a feeling that cannot be renounced, it is a double skin: it characterizes us, identifies us, sets us apart.

  • Professional ethics
  • Respect for the land
  • Selected raw materials
  • Handcrafted and manual processing
  • Made in Italy

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