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Our Green points

  1. Our story began in Moncalieri ninety years ago, in a carpenter’s family workshop. Since then our enterprise has developed into a house for home décor. Be it in the hard or in the good times, we have always stayed strong overtaking any challenge imposed by the market. The entrepreneur’s wit and the great expertise of the staff have achieved it all, creating a group that is capable to stand tall as the market and society change.

  2. Our group manages both housing and contract projects, advising and offering Italian goods and tailor-made services.

  3. The Quality-Management System is a due aspect to be respected and updated. Our objective lies in making processes easier and standard by using one sole data-based language.

  4. We believe in a sustainable future therefore our partners are both long-term sustainable companies and groups who have recently embraced the change.

  5. Since 2010, our energy intake has been satisfied by photovoltaic panels on the roof of our shop covering the 30% of our daily need. The remainder is guaranteed via a system of renewable energies.

  6. The strong suit of our company lies in creating a close team: we share common spaces for the benefit of body and soul and we constantly keep updated.

  7. Our philosophy is based on long-lasting furniture sales. We believe that a good starting point to the future is the reuse of furnishing: a new life, a new purpose or eventually, a new resource in a circular economy. Research, innovation, and availability sustain our mission to keep a positive eye to the future and the state-of-the-art.

What we offer in Green Pea

Our client is a unique case of wishes, dreams, and ambitions. Our whole care is devoted to them. We tend to their needs and provide project solutions. We secure all the steps prior and after sales. We meet architects and professionals to create synergies aiming at satisfying our clients. Quality and reliability standards are our trademark.

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