Our Green points

  1. Orciani was founded over forty years ago, in 1979, in Italy’s Marche region, a frontier land which historically enjoyed the benefits of its independence, unaffected by the upheavals suffered by other Kingdoms and States but able to serve as a model for them-the perfect metaphor for our value.
  2. Standing outside the ephemeral timescale of Fashion but embracing the timeless value of Style, the company evolved with a concept of dynamic Italian excellence, in which skills have been built up over the years, fostered by a loving care for the raw material and the continual adoption of production best practices.
  3. We see the land around us as a cradle, where we can cultivate respect for our origins and protection of the environment by slowly but surely building an Ethics of Sustainability, embracing people, processes and material
  4. We see leather as a painter sees his canvas: a place where manual skill and a sense of Beauty meet to inspire a constantly evolving craft passion.
  5. Aware of the impact of production processes on the environment, we have always actively striven to reduce their consequences, starting from the use of green energy and through to the gradual introduction of eco-friendly, recycled and regenerated materials and component.
  6. Managing to transmit a passion for what we do and the idea of helping to build a shared project has always been one of the company’s key goals. This is now joined by the drive to promote a feeling of responsibility in relation to the Environment, a small yet meaningful lesson expressed in respect for the workplace and in daily behaviours inside the plan.
  7. A future story where tradition and innovation, know-how and experimentation meet, a progression from solid roots towards an equally sound future, which conserves the company’s values and maintains the brightness of Nature’s colours and the intensity of its fragrances. We never cease to look around us, to discover the new developments science and technology can offer us for the realisation of“eco-logic”accessories.

What we offer in Green Pea

To care for the Planet we need radical change, a way of thinking of theFuture that starts from the roots of the business culture and the value chain: energy efficiency, renewable energy, control of the supply chain,elimination of hazardous chemicals and safe management of their disposal, use of eco-sustainable raw materials.
Our metal-free vegetable-tanned leather and regenerated nylon yarn accessories are the most tangible proof of this.

  • Excellence
  • Made in italy
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Quality

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