Organic Cotton Feminine Care

Our Green points

  1. Our heritage: Corman S.p.A, the owners of the Organyc® brand of feminine care, adult care and baby care products is a Milan, Italy based, family-owned company. Founded in 1947, Corman now markets products in nearly 50 countries.
  2. Italian expertise: Corman is an example of Italian “know how”. Known globally for its leadership in crafting cotton into products such as Organyc® brand pads and liners, this “know-how” has given consumers natural products that now exceed the performance of those constructed of man-made materials.
  3. Cotton: Corman sources raw material from certified organic cotton fields located in the U.S., Turkey, and India.
  4. Certified Organic: Organyc® brand products are made with 100% organic cotton inside and out. Organic cotton comes from seeds that have been part of the earth for hundreds, even thousands of years, often handed down from one generation of farmers to the next. Organic cotton uses 1/10 the water of ordinary cotton.
  5. Sustainable and biodegradable: Corman manufactures using sustainable energy (solar and geothermal) that create no emissions. Organyc® brand products, including packaging, are biodegradable.
  6. Expect Respect®: The Organyc® brand supports initiatives throughout the world that provide products at no-charge to women who are experiencing hardships. Organyc® promises women they should Expect Respect® in all they do, and especially from the products we make for them.
  7. Vision: Organyc® brand products created in the last decade, almost all supported with clinical evidence, have enhanced the wellness of women across the world. Sustainability is part of our heritage of respect. Using natural ingredients and natural energy, coupled with a commitment to repair the earth and the oceans, is our vision for the future.

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