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Our Green points

  1. Paul&Shark is a lifestyle and contemporary total-look brand, loved by those who appreciate Italian style and the high performance of technical materials. Paul&Shark’s aim has always been to seek excellence both in the quality of its products and in the manufacturing of its materials, in constant research to deliver responsible and high quality lifestyle garments.
  2. Originally inspired by the founder’s love for the sea, today Paul&Shark is synonymus with authenticity, sustainability and performance. Our journey to sustainability begins with the love for the oceans and leads to the protection of the sea, one drop at a time.
  3. P&S promise is to protect and enhance our customers in their everyday life, whether they are in the city or in extreme weather conditions, and to protect their environment by embracing sustainability policies.
  4. We are committed to pioneer closed loop regeneration processes and to deliver environmentally friendly products. Our closed-loop creations revaluate and reintegrate resources into new products, lowering the pressure on the environment: Re-Cotton is regenerated fibre that takes care of water, Re-Goose Down is regenerated feather, Re-Wool and Re-Cashmere are regenerated natural fibre.
  5. Our “Save the Sea” collects sustainable projects to save the sea from plastic. For our garments, we make use of the regenerated nylon Econyl® and Seaqual®, yarn made from recycled marine plastic. For home wash, we encourage our customers to use the GUPPYFRIEND® Washing Bag that filters microplastics avoiding them to end up in oceans and rivers.
  6. Endless research and high innovation along our production chain allow us to both increase energy and water efficiency, and to preserve precious resources. We adopt the innovative tool Bio Filter to reduce to essentials our water consumption. The Responsible Blue pants collection involves innovative technological processes that reduce the waste of water and the impact on the environment.
  7. Paul&Shark uses only electricity from renewable energy sources in its Varese and Milan branches. 100% electricity from renewable, 18% produced by our solar power plants, 82% drawn from the national grid, certified by Guarantees of Origin granted by GSE who assure the renewable origin of the energy sources used.

What we offer in Green Pea

The Paul&Shark collections tells of an imaginary journey that conveys a research, innovation and sustainabilityoriented narrative, which over the years, has become part and parcel of the brand.

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