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Our Green points

  1. Piacenza 1733 was established by Francesco Giovanni Piacenza in 1733 in Pollone in the heart of the Biellese textile region, surrounded by the splendid vegetation of the foothills of the Italian Alps, with the dream of creating the art of quality and passing it down to future generations. Today, Carlo is at the helm of Piacenza 1733 wool mill, along with the 300 employees, and particular attention is paid to sustainability while maintaining full respect for ancient traditions. For more than 10 years, the 14th generation has entered the company, bringing new vitality with them.
  2. Our production cycle is proud to be Made in Italy: internally, we are fully vertical and we cover the stages from weaving to finishing and the packaging of our finished products.
  3. Our production supply chain starts in distant lands: the superb raw materials we use come from China, South Africa, Argentina, Peru, and Mongolia. Already for some years, we have been promoting partnership activities with our suppliers there who guarantee adequate working conditions for the local breeders.
  4. And it is precisely this attention paid to the raw materials which enables us to run an accurate system in terms of traceability, and to be at the forefront in the production of garments using fabrics containing sustainable materials such as RWS-certified wool or SFA-certified cashmere.
  5. As a result of the innovations introduced by our technical department, we are able to consume 85% of our electricity from renewable or cogenerated sources.
  6. Thanks to the collaboration of different entities in our region, we also promote numerous activities for the benefit of our employees, who are the most precious resource for our company.
  7. We have developed our internal sustainability framework based on five points where innovation and green design take up an increasingly important space.

What we offer in Green Pea

The PIACENZA 1733 garments are born from the intertwining of the past and a vision of the future, dedicated to lovers of beauty, quality, and travel, whilst being careful and respectful of the Planet. Garments that take us to distant lands and amongst suggestions of the past and constant research and innovation, project us towards new discoveries. The precious and natural yarns, at the service of the inimitable knowledge that cannot disregard the historical production capacity of the Biella-based company, are the main ingredients of the knitwear items that emphasize a contemporary style with a strong soul.


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