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Our Green points

  1. Our roots
    We have been furniture makers for 14 generations. We have preserved and handed down the art of woodworking as time has unfolded.Attention to detail, passion for the material, respect for the forests and gratitude for the biodiversity that nature bestows on us.
  2. Our hands
    We believe in innovation. This is why we use the most advanced work tools: our hands. It has always been our way to avoid being wasteful with our gestures, to show respect for people and things alike. Nature teaches us to be efficient. It is a story of proximity, of all-Italian expertise.
  3. Making time for time itself
    Time is the best judge of how sustainable a piece of furniture is. We are in no hurry because we do not like to waste time. We manufacture just in time, minimising waste, reserves, stockpiles and overstocks. To give every phase its sense of balance.
  4. The origin of a material
    We only use wood from certified forests. We believe that raw materials have a tactile, olfactory and visual soul. They have a story to tell, of places, traditions and people.
  5. New energy for our ideas
    In 2011, we installed a photovoltaic system that produces 1,150,000 KWh/year. We reuse processing waste to generate thermal energy. Our energy is now 100% green.
  6. Focussing on people
    Respecting the planet means respecting people. The well-being of our staff is our primary social and ethical responsibility. It must be guaranteed every day.
  7. A new meaning for the future
    We are committed to constantly researching new materials, processes and technologies to safeguard our territory and reduce our environmental footprint. Being green is all about deeds, not just words

What we offer in Green Pea

Our philosophy of living features timeless pieces of furniture with a single common concept of being designed to make each home unique, tailored to the desires and needs of the people who live there.

Examples of this story of quality and respect for the environment are the Milano wardrobe, the Rada bed, Tessoria Asolana handmade rugs, the Maestro table and the versatile Duo sofa. These are just a few moments of our all-Italian way to combine technique, traditions, search of beauty.

  • Craftsmanship
  • Durability
  • Balance
  • Innovation
  • Custom-made

Where do you find us



Home living & design

We design, create and manufacture furniture and decor items. Designed to live through times, so they endure over time. To accompany people’s lives through generations. We like to think of design as a material landscape charged with our emotions. This is why we take great care in choosing raw materials. We respect the environment by always seeking the correct measure, avoiding waste, opting for endurance rather than immediacy, selecting natural over artificial. Having respect for our planet means having respect for ourselves, our staff, our customers and our home.

We make tables, chairs, wardrobes and beds…with natural materials like glass, marble and metal but most often with wood. We craft it with passion, because we know that it isa precious resource.”To make a table, you need wood, to get the wood, you need a tree, to grow a tree, you need a seed…“. As the song goes, we always remember that every table we make is created out of love for the earth. Like when we plant a new tree, or even just a seed. Because making a beautiful piece of furniture takes the same love you need to grow a forest.

We believe in humanity, intelligence, talent and technique. This is why we have faith in the future. This is why we work every day to craft it in the shape of our dreams. We believe in a world where city and countryside, nature and development are not opposites or alternatives, but travelling companion son a single voyage. We work to turn our business into the opportunity to mend the relationship between humans and the environment. We choose clean energy for our systems and biological, certified, reclaimed or recyclable materials for everything we do. To build a world where ethics and aesthetics unite as one.