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Our Green points

  1. We were born in 2016 from an idea. Michele once asked himself: why not experimenting with Slow Food’s philosophy in clothing? We could put our territory’s symbols on a sustainable T-shirt and make clients wait for it to be ready for the time it takes it to be ethically made, giving more value to slowness. So that’s how the Monviso design T-shirt started!
  2. We are a network of young artisans and content creators, spread around the “Granda”province (Cuneo) and the rest of the world. Each of us is working either from home or from our own artisanal shops to reduce energy and space waste and pollution.
  3. We don’t exploit territory, people and children labour. We love to create something beautiful without feeling guilty! Quality without clean and transparent production makes no sense to us.
  4. We use organic cotton because of sustainability and high quality, and recycled polyester because we believe plastic looks better if reused as a durable yarn than thrown in the sea! Our packaging is entirely disposable: it wouldn’t make sense for us to do otherwise.
  5. We chose our path: we aim to be completely sustainable: why not choosing renewable energies? We can have it all without damaging the planet. That is the only possible path to choose.
  6. We only select certified Fair Wear Foundation suppliers and work with transparency and friendship, paying for each process fairly and with dignity.
  7. We believe in a future in which plastic will be used exclusively for durable goods, sustainability will enter every aspect of our daily habits and Nature will effortlessly become a part of us and our life.

What we offer in Green Pea

Produzione Lenta’s sustainable clothing is a flag representing our values and the love for our territory, from the valleys of Monviso to the rest of the world!

The T-shirts, sweaters and dresses, in all the different models that will alternate in the shop, come from the work of a network of local young artisans, who shares with us the values of sustainability and ethic and the love for the symbols of our land, Piedmont.Our brand is stylish and unique, casual and high quality!

  • Sustainable
  • Local
  • Casual
  • Quality
  • Newtork

Where you will find us in Green Pea


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Produzione Lenta
Produzione Lenta
Produzione Lenta
Produzione Lenta
  • Our goal is to be completely sustainable and go green. We walk towards this goal every single day, starting from organic, not GMO cotton seeds, which do not require much water to grow. We keep walking along the path of sustainability with our dyes, free of polluting solvents, sustainable prints and embroideries. The little polyestere we use comes from recycled plastic bottles. To reduce waste even more, all our products are wrapped in compostable paper bags.

  • We are madly in love with our planet, it is really gorgeous and gives us plenty of resources. We have two choices, we can either consume or recycle those resources. We surely prefer the latter choice so we can leave the planet be, trying maybe to improve it and avoiding transforming it into a desert. That’s the reason why we use natural materials and reduce waste. We put our love for the planet in everything we do.

  • Going green is the only choice we have for the future, and it will be an easy, amusing choice. The knowledge that we are part of the nature and that we are not damaging it, will help us in understanding what is right and good. We will choose to use long lasting materials for durable goods and compostable material for disposable things. In the end, we won’t damage the planet with each step we take. Instead, we will walk along with it.

Work with us

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Green Pea has just been born and has the aim of getting ahead: we start from Turin and we have the planet in mind. To do this, we are looking for people who share our ideas of sustainability and who want to make it practical and cozy. Together with our Partners, we work every day to meet our customers’ need, without ever losing sight of the future of all of us. In Green Pea you will find a dynamic, organized and constantly growing environment, open to experimentation.
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