PT Torino


Our Green points

  1. We are a family that has been practicing, sharing and propagating an authentic passion for their job for over 50 years: a profound knowledge of our raw materials is what triggers our desire to shape them in the best possible way.
  2. Ours is a story deeply rooted in the textile, manufacturing and tailoring Italian traditions, in an era of fervor like the 1960s and in a city, Turin, which was a major player all through those incredible years.
  3. We control the production process in its every part, from the choice of raw materials to the creation of the prototypes and the collections, up to their distribution to our trusted dealers. Each link in the chain is crucial.
  4. We choose sustainable materials and develop sustainability-oriented projects. Among our suppliers, we boast partners who truly believe in sustainability. For several years now, we have been successfully experimenting with low impact processes to reduce the environmental footprint of our denim.
  5. At the origin of our corporate and creative choices there is always an authentic love and respect for the local community and for everything and everyone that we owe to, because they have all contributed to shaping our DNA.
  6. The serenity and quality of life of those who work with us are not a pleasant corollary to the realization of our projects, but a point of honor. Promoting social sustainability means listening to the people we work with everyday.
  7. We are persuaded that, now more than ever, the time has come to put a brake on the frenzy of indiscriminate consumption, especially in fashion. The signs are all out there: let us all begin again from here and lay the foundations of a new fashion industry that cares for authentic content.

What we offer in Green Pea

PPT Torino is an international brand of men’s and women’s trousers gifted with a sartorial and contemporary taste.
We were born in Turin in 1968. We manufacture garments designed to be beautiful on the inside and out and to tell a story: ours, as well as that of the people who died to wear them. We use high-quality, sustainable and certified fabrics such as traceable, ethical organic wools and cottons produced from low-impact processes.


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