Our Green points

  1. Quercetti is a company that has been producing its toys in Italy for 70 years. Founded in 1950, thanks to the talent and dedication of its founder, Alessandro Quercetti, it is appreciated worldwide for its innovative and highly educational toys. Tradition, teamwork and passion for the world of toys are the fundamental ingredients of the company’s story.
  2. For 70 years Quercetti has believed in the courageous decision to maintain its production in Italy, believing strongly in the quality of the product 100% Made in Italy.
  3. The entire production chain is located in the only factory in Turin, guaranteeing the control of every single toy, from its conception to shipment. Creating products, following their development step by step, is an element of pride for the Company in which research, tradition and innovation merge.
  4. Quercetti has always been committed to reducing the environmental impact through the recycling of plastic materials. There is no lack of an important assortment of wooden toys from eco-sustainably managed forests. Since 2020, the company has dedicated itself to the use of bioplastics, 40% of which is composed of wood fiber.
  5. Quercetti carefully selects all suppliers that use renewable energy for the production of raw materials, supporting production with low environmental impact.
  6. All Quercetti branded products are the result of the teamwork of local workers, creating an important supply chain in the area.
  7. The Company constantly invests in the search for innovative materials that guarantee green production, trying to educate the new generations to respect nature.

What we offer in Green Pea

Quercetti has been committed to producing 100% Made in Italy products for 70 years, offers innovation and quality through a selection of toys made of special bio plastic with 40% wood fibres recovered from processing waste.
Each toy is the result of a production chain entirely located in Turin, in order to follow every little detail.
Quercetti toys are the result of consolidated skills, research and work carried out with unchanged passion.

  • made in italy
  • research
  • innovation
  • quality
  • tradition

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