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Our Green points

  1. The headquarters of F.G. 1936 is located in Garrufo di S.Omero. A community that lived and sustained itself mostly with the rural economy until the 1970s. The love we have for our countryside and our roots led us to build our company right where we wanted. It is a real mission for us. Even the last generation of our family knows this well, and today shares the values of our founders.
  2. All our production is proudly Made in Italy with a particular concentration in our Region. The conscious choice is to favor controlled, verified and compliant processing phases with sustainability standards
  3. We only use certified recycled materials, traceable throughout the supply chain. As well as the raw material, organic cotton, which provides sustainable cultivation for the environment by excluding substances that are toxic to human health.
  4. The production methods of this “Sustainable” line is artisanal till today. A “slow” factory, which gives value to the human factor, to the attention to workmanship and details.
  5. Since 2005, the energy we need for our production is Green (Sustainable). We have created a laundry that guarantees an effective and virtuous water purification system. Even our selected external laundries requires the same standards.
  6. We could not be “Green” and respect the environment if we did not pay great attention to internal welfare in order to guarantee safety and well-being in the workplace for “Man at the center” and also our collaborators!
  7. The future is Green. Focusing on this motto a part of the group’s investments are aimed at experimenting with new eco-sustainable materials and new processing methods that would allow us to save energy.

What we offer in Green Pea

Re-Hash presents the A / W2020/2021 collection dedicated to “eco-sustainable” theme. A collection that manifests an important message for the environment. The selection of raw materials such as organic cotton results in products that are made with low environmental impact. Eight recognizable garments for the “Re-Hash, Rethink-Recycle-Reduce” Label with a small embroidery of a green leaf on the side as a symbol of respect for Nature.

  • Human factor
  • Territory
  • Quality
  • Raw materials
  • Certification

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We are green because all our production is proudly Made in Italy with a strong connection with our area. The conscious choice isto endorse controlled, verified and compliant processing stages of sustainability. We only use certified recycled materials, traceable throughout the whole supply chain. Ours is a collection that really wants to be the manifesto of an important message for the environment.

Planet Earth is the greatest house in which we all live and that nature has lent us, we must learn how to respect and take care of it, we must never soil or damage it. Trees, flowers, rivers, seas and even animals are very important to all of us and we must always respect them. So let’s all do and learn some simple rules, they are easy to remember. All start with the R: Respect, Save, Recycle, Reuse!

Re-hash present is Green. Re-hash future will be Green. In the next ten years sustainability will be one of our company priorities. Part of our investments, in fact, is and will be aimed at testing new eco-sustainable materials, fabrics and new production and processing methods that allow energy savings in all the stages. Attention to our planet and its ecosystem is fundamental, we must never forget it.