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Our Green points

  1. It was born in 2008 from Maria Silvia Pazzi’s idea, entrepreneur and owner of the brand. She realized the need to create beautiful handmade products in Italy, enhancing regenerative or salvaged materials. Regenesi today represents a Made in Italy excellence by producing fashion accessories and products for the home and office with endless quality and style.
  2. Turns remanufactured post-consumer materials into fashion items and accessories. Based on a virtuous production cycle that transforms waste into beauty, combining style, functionality and sustainable design, creating products that are themselves recyclable.
  3. A “short” and Italian production chain allows the brand to know who and how each good is produced.
  4. Regenesi gives new life to industrial waste materials by producing accessories. Waste is regenerated with innovative technologies where materials have the same quality as virgin raw materials. The impact on the production is less both in terms of produced CO2 and energy consumption.
  5. Careful to use low energy impact technologies. Most of our products are handmade by Italian artisans and with a “short” supply chain.
  6. Regenesi born on a sustainable ecosystem model. It allows small Italian artisans to take part in the project thanks to the support of the Regenesi Team. The team is composed of young graduate women who chose Regenesi to recognize themselves in values and ethical principles even before learning “a profession”.
  7. It was born in 2008 declaring that it turns waste into beauty because there is no antithesis among functionality, sustainability and beauty. Regenesi believes that out of the consumer society and out of waste, something beautiful and useful can come up. This commitment it has been making for 14 years and will continue for our planet and for the future of new generations.

What we offer in Green Pea

Regenesi, pioniere della sostenibilità, nasce a Bologna nel 2008 secondo i principi dell’economia circolare. Da più di 14 anni trasforma i rifiuti, rigenerando i materiali di post consumo per poi restituirli come accessori moda eco-design innovativi e completamente sostenibili. E’ un’eccellenza del Made in Italy e tutti i prodotti sono interamente realizzati con materiali di scarto industriale a cui Regenesi dona una nuova vita. Ridurre l’impatto sull’ambiente, generare cultura del fatto bene, fatto per durare e anche per essere bello Trasformare i rifiuti in bellezza, unendo stile, funzionalità e design sostenibile è una mission Creare connessioni, sinergie e condividere i progetti perché le idee non hanno barriere

  • Eco-sustainability
  • Made in Italy
  • Quality
  • Regeneration
  • Respect

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