Robe di Kappa

Classic with style

Our Green points

  1. ITALIAN BRAND. Robe di Kappa® is an Italian brand established in Torino in 1969, in the same place which is now the company’s headquarters.
  2. ORIGINS. Robe di Kappa® started off in a spirit of sustainability to clear out a warehouse full of unsold t-shirts, which were dyed green and decorated with military insignia. They were an immediate success.
  3. CLASSIC. For over 50 years the Robe di Kappa® R&D department has favoured natural materials such as long fibre cotton for its timeless Polo shirts and high-quality lambswool for sweaters and jumpers.
  4. CONTEMPORARY. Our collections are always contemporary thanks to their classic style. Buying Robe di Kappa® means being aware and responsible consumers: every item will last in time because it is well crafted and always in fashion.
  5. INFORMAL. Robe di Kappa® dresses the young and the not so young, men, women and children. People who work and play without gimmicks, naturally and in total comfort: people who choose being over appearing.
  6. CARING FOR PEOPLE. Robe di Kappa ® collections are designed in Italy by the BasicNet
    Group and manufactured around the world by industrial partners sharing the same company welfare philosophy: ensuring workplaces are conceived to maximize people’s physical and psychological wellbeing, as well as their safety.
  7. RESPECTING THE ENVIRONMENT. Before joining the BasicNet Group as a partner every company undergoes careful scrutiny to ensure that not just people but also the environment is respected through certified industrial processes.


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