Our Green points

  1. Pioneers in in&out furniture. As pioneers of in & out furniture sector thanks to the keen intuition of the founder Roberto Pompa, in almost 30 years we have brought the company to a very high level of competence and specialization.
  2. Connections. We create connections, between inside and outside, between furnishings and nature, between physical and virtual and, above all, between people, creating synergies, relationships, positive contaminations and increasing mutual skills.
  3. Italians do it better. We make of “Italianness” a distinctive trait, throughout the creative process, the care that we put into the making of our products. Also in accepting new challenges and in handling all situations.
  4. Focused on people. We put people first by promoting their well-being, in balance and harmony with the surrounding environment.
  5. Organic design. Our outdoor furniture has a mimetic design and it is intimately linked to the external context, in search of a unique symbiosis with nature.
  6. Industrial tailoring. We know how to combine our industrial soul with the artisan one. Our flexibility, together with the internalisation of some processes, allow us to be stimulated by exterior factors without losing our identity.
  7. Green ethics. Our green ethics begins with the production of very high quality and durable furniture, by the enhancement of the resources and by the control of the supply chain, thanks to which we have obtained the GREENGUARD GOLD and theFSC certifications. It is a long path that continues in the search for recycled and recyclable materials, for a healthy and sustainable innovation.

What we offer in Green Pea

RODA is an Italian brand with thirty years experience in the production of premium outdoor furniture, all Green Guard Gold certified, made of aluminium, recycled fiber fabrics and FSC teak. The skills and the specialization achieved in the outdoor sector allow us to offer a wide range of different products and finishes, besides customized solutions for specific projects, thanks to a great flexibility in handling any request and by controlling the production chain.


Where do you find us



Home living & design

Respect the planet and create furniture with an

Organic and ‘mimetic’ design, extremely

Durable and resistant, paying great

Attention to details, being

Inspired by nature: this is how we work. We know how to create.

Sustainable products, thanks to a

Great research for

Recyclable and recycled materials,

Experience in the outdoor sector,

Empathy and connections with the exterior environment and with

Nature that surrounds us.

That’s why “RODA is Green”!

Do you know our recipe for making “green” furniture?
Few ingredients, but all of quality:

– 1 design inspired by nature

-8 colours taken from hearth and sea

-resistant materials which last for long time

-a few meters of recycled fabric

-many seeds for planting new trees

-1 ray of sun

-a pinch of blue sky

We mix the ingredients with daily gestures, recycling waste and respecting nature; we season them all with light-hearted hours in the open air and …the game is done!

Green is the colour of hope. And we do hope that in the next 10 years the attention towards this subject will become a habit pertaining to every and all daily, individual and collective, private and professional activities. How? By connecting man with nature and nature with man in a circular relationship where every project, from the beginning, must be designed in a manner to meet the current needs without compromising the planet’s resources, nor the possibility to enjoy by the future generations.