Our Green points

  1. Family. Ours is an authentically Venetian textiles company, owned for five generations by the Rubelli family, that took it over in 1889. Since then the Rubelli family has put across values and handed down a textile culture.
  2. Made in Italy. We have never relocated our production overseas, transferring it instead over the years from Venice to Como. State-of-the-art looms as well as three ancient hand looms are used to produce fabrics which we export the world over.
  3. Certifications. In order to reduce the negative impact on the environment we are using Oeko Tex yarns, i.e. yarns not treated with harmful and carcinogenic products. Many of our fabrics also have GreenGuard Gold certification which states that they do not release damaging substances.
  4. Quality. We have always put the quality of the yarns and exclusive nature of the design first. Our products, whether high-performance and easy-use technical products or articles made from high-quality yarns, such as the gold used for the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow, are born to be durable and timeless.
  5. Social economy.We invest in training and qualification of our staff. We support local communities by backing non-profit associations. Finally, we promote the circular economy by reusing and recycling existing product.
  6. R&D. We make increasing use of sustainable fibres. As well as fabrics made from natural fibres–jute, hemp, silk, cotton, linen, etc.–with minimal or zero pollution during disposal, we experiment the use of recycled fibres for the production of fabrics and wallpaper.
  7. Sustainability of the textile supply chain.Our aim is to minimise the waste of economic, environmental and human resources as part of the entire production process. We continue to develop zero-miles products, investing regularly and significantly in increasingly sustainable production processes and product.

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