Our Green points

  1. Salis is located in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. Since 1926.
  2. It’s just from the heart that the passion arises, the same dedication that has been driving the Simonetti family through 4 generations in the creation of unique and valuable wooden artefacts, often employing old reclaimed or recycled woods, mainly obtained by ancient disused wooden houses, or researching for certified raw materials proceeding from forests managed in ethical, responsible and controlled manner.
  3. We manufacture our floors in Italy, from a completely artisanal perspective, with last generation machinery but also with old production expertise handed down through the generations.
  4. We pick all the appropriate matters for the making of our finished product with the purpose to grant the high level of the whole supply chain, from the forest to the end user.
  5. Since 2019, 80% of the employed electricity is generated through last generation solar panel systems: it’s free and eco-friendly!
  6. The wellbeing of the whole Salis community is our third corporate value, right after the safeguarding of the environment and the growth of our territorial community and just before our fourth value, represented by our ongoing research for always “greener“new matters, both technologically advanced and with low environmental impact.

What we offer in Green Pea

Since 1926 Salis has been creating high quality wood flooring, today also very stylish. The raw material either proceeds from old disused wooden houses or from European forests managed in ethical and responsible way.

Our surfaces are featured by volatile organic compounds (VOC) emission rates significantly lower than the limits provided for law: the finishes such as oil and wax are natural, while the varnishes, the UV cured oils or the resins have zero dry residue in order to be recycled, reused or restored through time.


Where do you find us



Home living & design

We are not as green as we would like to be.

For us, women and men belonging to the Salis community, this is not a weakness but a strong point prompting us to ask ourselves on a day-to-day basis: what more can I do? We are not doing this for ourselves, we do it for Them, those who will come next. This is the reason why we make efforts everyday in order to implement the impact of our flooring on the environment and the implications of our daily living for the good health of the planet.

Make a kid understand in which way you are green. The sun provides us with the necessary energy for the big machinery to operate.
We cut the wood in extremely thin slices, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.
Often we pick threw out woods bringing them to new life.
We only select old trees replanting immediately new ones.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            We don’t like plastic and we separate waste collection.

We are not doing this for ourselves, we do it especially for you, you deserving a better world than the one that you’ve been delivered until now.

In 10 years biodegradable products will replace plastic and wood proceeding from certified forests will become the ultimate building material. The separate waste collection will be a common practice not considered as in imposition anymore, while sustainable energy sources will inevitably delete the old and harmful ones. Being eco-friendly will become a trend and the companies all around the world will compete on being the best at it: the first question won’t be “How much is it?” anymore, instead “How green is this?“.