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Our Green points

  1. We are an Italian company born in Pesaro in 2011, when Michele Danieli decided to take over the soap factory where he had been working for a couple of years. Fascinated from the first moment by the artisan method of soap making, he decided to embark on this adventure while remaining faithful to the rules of an ancient and extraordinary craft. Thus Sapone Di Un Tempo was born from the meeting of tradition and innovation.
  2. We produce and distribute original, environmentally friendly products, with refined raw materials that are as natural as possible. Our workforce is made up of motivated and proud young people who contribute daily to create a solid foundation for future. The entire production area is set up according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP ISO 22716). Our R&D department, combined with our love of nature, help us produce quality personal care products strictly formulated with natural and organic raw materials.
  3. Purchasing a certified Biocosmesi organic product, you will not only buy the guarantee that the product has been duly checked and thus certified, but also you have the certainty that the entire “life cycle” meets ecological sustainability criteria: from the delivery of the raw materials to the company, to the delivery of the finished product at the end user.
  4. In recent times, the trend in cosmetics is to offer new products in solid format, which are able to replace the traditional ones in liquid format. Eco-friendly products for those who, like us, care about the Planet and want to reduce their environmental impact. Precisely with this intent in 2019 was born -Less Plastic +More Beauty, products with virtuous production and disposal cycle, eco-friendly packaging and with formulations that respect, not only the skin, but also the environment.
  5. In 2019 and 2022, we expanded the production department at our headquarters, purchasing new machinery to minimize waste and environmental impact, while guaranteeing the highest quality of productions.
  6. We are committed to promoting the values of environmental sustainability, preferring plastic-free materials, and strongly believing in the green side of chemistry and research aimed at making quality products that are both ethical and high-performing. We have always remained consistent with our essence and with what we offer to our customers, who have become loyal to our products and continue to follow us in our evolution.
  7. Last but not least, we believe that a business environment that cares of its employees, is the basic prerequisite for growth and innovation.

What we offer in Green Pea

Those who are committed to a sustainable lifestyle can adopt various eco-friendly behaviors. The same approach led us to conceive the -LESS PLASTIC +MORE BEAUTY line, which offers products that are increasingly friendly to the environment and nature, with clean formulations that are both effective and pleasant.
Cosmetics with the highest concentration of actives, based on phytocomplexes and dermocomplex plant extracts that are dermocompatible, eco-sustainable and organic, in which we have minimized the use of plastic with environmentally friendly packaging, the consumption of water in the formulation and production process and that of means of energy in transportation, thus helping to reduce CO2 emissions and pollution.

Birth: ingredients from sustainable organic farming;
Production: low environmental impact production cycle with reduced water consumption; and
Transport: with reduced environmental impact (reduced CO2 emissions) due to smaller product footprint
Recycling: 100% recyclable packaging

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