Saponerie Mario Fissi

Saponi da bucato, toeletta
e pasta base di sapone

Our Green points

  1. We are a Florentine company that has been producing 100% Made in Italy soap for four generations. Our new brand Mario Fissi 1937 is born thanks to our history, our tradition, our know how. The mission is to develop products for the sensitive public to the future of our generations, where ECOLOGICAL, SUSTAINABLE and NATURAL are the founding pillars.
  2. In 2016, with great pride, we obtained the 100% Made in Italy certification to seal our constant perseverance to never give up on quality, always guaranteeing our best production of Italian excellence. Our perseverance was confirmed by the ISO Certification, useful to enhance our work for quality, sustainability and safety.
  3. Thanks to our specialized staff and our internal laboratory we have develop a Bio-Made in Italy certified production with internal formula for cosmetics and soaps.
  4. In our productions we prefer natural raw materials, we use recycled materials, 100% recyclable materials and certified materials.
  5. Our partners are as close as possible: in this way we can reduce the consumption. We pay a lot of attention to the development of our projects. We try to reduce water consumption during processing, optimizing energy consumption. We have also installed charging stations for electric cars.
  6. We are a traditional company and we believe in the collaboration of our employees. They participate in the development of the project from the moment of the conception to packaging. Everyone contributes to the company’s growth by engaging with passion in their role, with their talent, with the aim of obtaining a common result.
  7. Today we develop and produce products with the fundamental attention to safeguard our planet as much as possible, but our commitment is to invest in research and development to improve ourselves more and more and satisfy our customers as much as possible.

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