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manufacturers of socks and hosiery

Our Green points

  1. History, research, innovation and know-how are the values of a family tradition that have characterized the SARAH BORGHI brand for almost 50 years, and that deeply bind it to our territory , which is internationally well known as the landmark in socks and hosiery production.
  2. Strong of the Italian unique textile tradition which we represents, our collection are all MADE IN ITALY.
  3. We are among the most representative players in the CASTEL GOFFREDO hosiery district, thanks to the high investments in research and development, sustainability, operational flexibility and an obsessive attention to quality of the products.
  4. Our collections take nature to heart starting from the choice of raw materials, which allowed us to be GRS certified, the most important international standard for sustainable production of textile products
  5. Energy flow management is among our priorities: electricity, water and gas consumption monitoring system has been implemented to set energy objectives and tools suitable for achieving them beside being able to assess the real material usage.
  6. We invest in growing our people’s knowledge: thanks to the training on the job method, a practical and effective training method which aims to improve technical and professional skills of all employees.
  7. We are highly committed to corporate social responsibility. That’s why we choose to team up with the market leaders in sustainable innovation and make use of renewable sources that perfectly match our collections’ fine designs and techniques.

What we offer in Green Pea

Sustainability concerns all the garments we wear and the brand new Green Collection by Sarah Borghi represents a change to the approach to hosiery and its culture, able to integrate the value of sustainability and the world of fashion thanks to AMNI® SOUL ECO, the first and only polyamide that degrades in about 5 years* after disposal in landfills.

The collection is available in a rich color palette and includes tights, socks and knee-highs, veiled or opaque and natural organic blends.

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  • responsability
  • evolution

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