Our Green points

  1. We are a premium lifestyle brand combining elegance with performance founded by Giacomo and Franco Loro Piana. SEASE blurs the lines between urban and activewear with an unmatched level of quality. Escaping the ordinary to live authentic experiences and reconnect with nature inspires our men’s contemporary wardrobe of essentials-designed for outdoor passions, meant for the city.
  2. We strongly believe in a fully integrated value chainentirely made in Italy, from raw material to the end product, across all production steps like spinning, weaving, finishing and manufacturing. There is no short cut.
  3. Our network of suppliers shares with us a strong commitment towards sustainability: they all enroll efficiency best practices and investments in terms of water consumption, use of renewable energy, post-consumer waste recycling and reducing co2 emission.
  4. We develop high performance garments using natural fibers: it’s the most conscious approach. Wool and fine cashmere, linen and hemp and silk are organic and biodegradable by definition. They can be processed with natural treatments and without chemicals. Our synthetic fabrics are bio-based and petrol free, or obtained from upcycling post-consumer waste.
  5. Renewable energy is basically for free from the sun and soil. We use co-generation systems and photovoltaic to fuel our production and facilities.
  6. We are passionate sailors and we learned that the team come first, if you want to cross the ocean in any weather conditions. We apply the same mindset also in our Company. Our headquarter has top notch efficiency standards of security and environmental impact.
  7. R&D is key to create value in and ethical and sustainable way. Thanks to our six generation know-how in the textile business, we can say that innovation is part of our DNA.

What we offer in Green Pea

SEASE is for someone who wants to wear and feel its passions every day. A men’s contemporary wardrobe of essentials and total looks designed for outdoor passions, meant for the city.
Items and accessories with different destinations blend in a single, versatile wardrobe: formal men’s tailoring inspires a comfortable, casual design. Technical activewear contaminates with everyday urbanwear.

  • essential and versatile
  • design
  • quality
  • conscious
  • performance

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