Gentlemen's Outfitter

Our Green points

  1. HAND MADE. Our shoes are strictly made by hand, because the human hand is the perfect tool to create excellence.
  2. DURABLE. Sebago is a truly green brand. Each of our shoes is designed to stay with our consumer for a longtime.
  3. BUY LESS BUY BETTER. Sebago shoes are produced with high quality leathers, created to last over time, so that you can buy less, while buying better.
  4. CONTEMPORARY. Sebago shoes will never go out of fashion, they are time less and contemporary.
  5. WE CARE. Our production partners are not only certified and guaranteed and operate ensuring the respect towards their own employees, but they also implement the most advanced recycling systems. An example? Some tanneries filter the waters used to work the hides in order to irrigate their vegetable gardens and local green areas.
  6. RECYCLING. For Green Pea we have imagined an “on site” service to bring your Sebago shoes back to life. We resole them, grease their leather, clean them and change their laces: we just don’t throw them away.
  7. TIMELESS. And yet another aspect: the more you use a pair of Sebago, the more beautiful they become.

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