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Our Green points

  1. Serra&Fonseca is located on a large estate in Emilia Romagna, a land of castles and oak groves, skirted by an ancient Salt Route. Here we grow organic lavender, iris, helichrysum, and we extract essential oils by steam distillation.
  2. The brainchild of Giovanna Zucconi Fonseca, Italy’s most prominent scent culture specialist, Serra&Fonseca stands for Italian beauty, that unique mixture of nature and culture, landscape and art, of handcrafts and taste.
  3. Serra&Fonseca fragrances are 100% Made in Italy.
  4. We select the best, most sustainable raw materials.
  5. How good is “good”? There is plenty of beautifully smelling scents, out there. For us, a scent must also be good for your health and for the environment.
  6. Due to our social and environmental commitment, Serra&Fonseca is in the process of becoming a Benefit Corporation.
  7. Serra&Fonseca is also a storyteller for brands, making sure the message is perfectly crafted through signature scents, and creating long-term value.

What we offer in Green Pea

The olfactory logo created by Serra&Fonseca for Green Pea is 100% natural. Perfumer Nicola Bianchi blended Italian high-quality raw material (Sicilian citron, bitter orange, violet, mint) with a mix of spices, herbal notes and galbanum. The “green” scent enhances the brand through the most emotional, memorable and bonding form of communication. Serra&Fonseca’s “Profumo GreenPea” tells a unique story.

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  • sustainability

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