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Our Green points

We were inspired by a collective desire for literature to be a way of connecting with others, to serve as a spark for conversation and self-expression on a daily basis, delivered and read in a new way: on the go, free of charge, and in unexpected places. We believe in the importance of creative idleness – moments of simply slowing down and allowing the mind to wander – and we believe that, by inserting literature into the everyday, we are celebrating what it is to be human, imaginative and sensitive.

  1. Community-based
    We are a French publishing house curating short fiction from our community of writers worldwide.
  2. All our products and services are Made in France.
  3. Recyclable and sustainable
    We only use recyclable, FSC certified, sustainably sourced paper. We use a print on demand process: No ink, no cartridge, no waste.
  4. Digital humanities
    We connect digital technology with the age old artform of storytelling in order to enrich the community and encourage learning, constantly evolving, and being open to new ways of thinking.
  5. Enviromental Impact
    Since 2016 we deliver product refills by bike messenger and employ localized maintenance with video training to decrease our carbon footprint.
  6. Literary pulse & engagement
    Through collaborations and partnerships, we are able to reach greater and greater audiences of readers, writers, and fiction novices – both locally and, thanks to the Short Story Dispensers, around the world.
  7. Forward thinking & creative idleness
    Big ideas are often born in idle moments. Our vision is that cities, big and small, will offer literature around every corner – a moment to slow down – feeding the minds and imaginations of the people on a daily basis. A world where Short Story Dispensers are the new normal.

What we offer in Green Pea

All Short Story Dispensers are connected to our online platform, a space where hundreds of writers around the world submit their latest work, interact with other creatives, receive feedback from our hundreds of thousands of subscribed readers, and enjoy contemporary and classic literature.

It’s a transparent and inclusive space, connecting people around the world and delivering fiction to our 300+ Dispensers. Whether it’s on campus, at the shopping mall or in your local coffee shop, Dispensers are bringing cities, both large and small, a new kind of literary pulse.

  • Community-based
  • Creative idleness
  • Literary pulse
  • Print on recycled paper
  • Print without ink

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