Our Green points

  1. Production: Production: our factory in Catselnuovo (Trento), example of the excellence of the Italian industry.Advanced computerized systems and careful handcraft manufacturing cooperate together to care and refine all the detail.
  2. Wood: the use of Okumé marine multilayer guarantees high resistance and long lasting stability, according to FSC standards. Wood actually is our basic element on which we create unique aesthetic solutions, which combine the product with the environment.
  3. Painting: a certified process of water based painting which preserves wood characteristics overtime. A perfect connection between wood passion, traditional craftsmanship, technological research and continuous innovation for a product guaranteed over time with total respect for the environment.
  4. Product quality: product value, its durability over time and the absolute technical and aesthetic uniqueness are guaranteed by the combination of Italian carpentry tradition with the most innovative technologies.
  5. Circular economy: Circular economy: recovery of insulated panels to create packaging material, conversion of 80 tons of wastage material thanks to a separating machine covered by national and international patent.
  6. Energy recovery: Energy recovery: a cogeneration plant for proper use and transfer of surpluses allows to reduce energy demand by around 700.000 kWh per year.
  7. People: humans as an essential element of our structure. Custodian of a specific know-how and craftsman knowledge, their control on the production is essential to guarantee a product of high quality.

What we offer in Green Pea

Descriptive text including your commercial offer about products/services in Green Pea. A design oriented solution, which enhances the external closure through the combination of garage and entry armored doors; innovative opening systems, like pivot and hidden hinges, with excellent standard performances. The planning of architectural systems which perfectly combine the garage with the entrance door in a unique design system which goes through the façade.


Where do you find us



Home living & design

We don’t put environment respect on the door, but inside the door. House doors are not just for security, over the time they have become a stylish element which incorporates increasingly eco-sustainable solutions.Many more and more green options, thanks to ecological materials, water-based painting but overall wood, the sourcing element.

Actually, taking care of the ecosystem preservation, it is the most “green” option. Natural finishing, absolutely solvent-free, with pure pigments and binders of natural origin, they guarantee maximum safety for health and environment respect.

“You need a flower”. The everyday life tells secrets to who can see and listen to them.

To make a door you need wood, to make wood you need a tree, to make a tree you need the seed, to make the seed you need a fruit, to make a fruit you need a flower. To make a flower you need a branch, to make a branch you need the tree, to make the tree you need the forest, to make the forest you need the mountain, to make the mountain you need the ground, to make the ground you need a flower, to make everything you need a flo-o-wer.

Our doors were born from nature, because the raw material that we use to make them is the wood, if we want to preserve the products that we use today even in the future we must respect the planet and the whole ecosystem.

Insulate to lower energy demand, this is one of the fundamental principles of sustainable architecture, Silvelox has the aim to contribute to the construction of an energy self-sufficient house, with full respect for the environment and sustainability. We must be able to live healthier and more responsibly, for us the environment and future generations.

Few attentions can make our house eco-friendly day by day, but Silvelox looks forward, and imagines a door made just with natural material and able to create clean energy, with maximum effectiveness but zero impact self-powering technological devices.