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Our Green points

  1. The history. For more than one hundred years, Sozzi has been pursuing with obstinate devotion the research of perfection and luxury in a product, the sock, that for many people is a simple accessory while for us it converted into a breath of life.
  2. Sustainable raw materials. When my mother told me that to make a good dish, excellent ingredients were needed…Organic cotton, silk, cashmere and wool. This is the secret of our ingredients.
  3. Made In Italy. How do we like to make them? We buy the yarn from Italian companies to proudly weave and manufacture our socks in Italy. Is that a habit, a mania or an obsession?
  4. The chain of ethic value. A story supporting chats…
    From the collaboration of three companies, a visionary project was born, aimed at sharing information between consumers and producers for an aware consumption through the Rfid technology.
  5. The company’s ecologic footprint. In the last years, our group set itself some goals to be reached in order to reduce its impact on environment and society.
    Therefore, we decided to implement solar panels to produce electrical energy for self-consumption. The 499Kw power installed allows us to cancel the consumption of energy produced by non-renewable sources.
  6. Slow Life. Slowing the rhythm of our daily life, in order to live in better way. This seems the most suitable image to describe the village of Quinzano and the surrounding countryside. As fifty years ago, our employees keep on riding their bicycles EVENTO DAY to cover the short stretch of road separating them from their working place.
  7. 2060: Sozzi in the future. Electrical bicycles to reach the working place, wide windows collecting the energy and heat of the sun in stead of walls. Working in an ecological oasis helps people to appreciate the beauty of nature and of its simplicity, that becomes the barrier against the stress of an extreme and pressing life (Sozzi’s Biological oasis project). The effort we have to do today is creating a group of visionary entrepreneurs that group to get her to form a network sharing and spreading the best practices in the eco-sustainable field: the digital BIO-LAB.

What we offer in Green Pea

After more than one hundred years of history, always keeping in mind our distinguishing features, we introduced the Made in Italy sustainable luxury products: the Bio Luxury collection, realized with the excellence of biological yarn, it provides consumers with style, elegance and quality.

GOLD: 50% organic cotton, 20% silk and 30% cashmere. The synthesis of excellence, the wise combination of biological cotton with these noble raw materials.
NILO: 100% soft and silky organic cotton, unique in the world, but fair and sustainable.
BIOCOLOR: 100% mercerized organic cotton, realized with an exclusive environmental technology, the first and only yarn that protects the environment and reduces the consumption of water and energy.
PEELING: 100% biological cotton, processed with an innovative spinning technology that zeroes the residues of peeling of the fibre, making it more durable.
BIO WOOL: 100% biological wool, coming from farms respecting the natural conditions of the animals. This wool undergoes a special X-Care processing, where no chlorine is used.

  • Excellence
  • Sustainable luxury
  • Ethic innovation
  • Creativity
  • Made in italy

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Being green for Sozzi is a matter of tradition, (it is in its DNA) is returning to the values of work linked to man, values in which the founder believed. What is greener than the expert hands of those who weave thread by thread, until you get a finished and flawless product?

The foot is the contact with the earth, your roots that support you … the sock protects you, keeps you warm, envelops you.
And it must be done like nature, with respect.

We imagine a world of happy people. The image of the first workers who left the company on a bicycle, social redemption, personal fulfillment, respect for the person.Postwar and reconstruction moral principles projected into the future. Always current principles, they were 50 years ago, they are right now, they will be in the future.