Stay green


Our Green points

  1. Our company was born in 2012 from the desire to create environment-friendly design. Staygreen has become a mission aimed at redefining the way we live design.
  2. Our production is 100% made in Italy and that’s why we are able to maintain high standards in terms of quality and traceability of the material used. Staygreen’s furnishings are the result of a continuous search for innovative materials and technologies for people who cares about environmental sustainability.
  3. 80% of the material used is recycled, products are designed in such a way as to minimize waste by working on cuts and dimensions, making the entire production chain eco-sustainable.
  4. As raw material we use structured cellulose (KS56): a mixture of wood fiber, recycled paper and natural glues. “Solidgreen” is an innovative finish that allows the products to acquire a unique characteristic making the cardboard water-repellent, flame retardant and durable in order to create a pleasant tactile and chromatic sensation.
  5. We are committed to implement waste management and minimize the polluting emissions of the production plant. What distinguishes our supply chain is the prevalence of manual work with low environmental impact machinery and no use of molds. Nature is a gift, taking care of it must be a priority of a civilized society.
  6. At Staygreen we believe that there is no environment respect without respecting our employees. Our team’s satisfaction is essential, it is fundamental for a healthy and efficient business model, in the spirit of motivation and a sense of being part of a project dedicated to our planet’s conservation.
  7. Our products confirm that even an ambitious project can be achieved. Not only production, we also aim to encourage educational experiences. If we remain humble towards our surroundings, we will realize that we can all learn from each other. We are committed to work to attract interest, to those who are open to dialogue, to a design Made in Italy, that not only maintains its beauty, but above all is a testimonial to the care for environment and production, taking into consideration man and his work, nature and biodiversity, for an entrepreneurial and social ethics.

What we offer in Green Pea

We design, manufacture and sell made in Italy furniture, lamps and domestic objects made of cardboard.

We start from recycled paper and cellulose obtained from certified forests. Through design, technological research and careful craftsmanship, we transform raw material into tables, chairs, lamps, containers, sculptures that inhabit the space, authentic and beautiful, light and solid furnishings that last over time. And totally recyclable.

  • RE-USE

Where do you find us



Home living & design

Ethics (Green) as a synonym of aesthetics. Nature represents an infinite inspiration. We believe that our products have a soul that mirrors the symbiosis between the object itself and the natural element is born from. For this reason, our design integrates and interacts with the surrounding environment.

We say that our cardboard furniture is “green”, just like grass, plants and flowers. We could say, as in the song, “to make a table, we need a flower” (popular Italian song for children). Let’s start again: to make a Staygreen table you need cardboard, to make cardboard you need cellulose, to make cellulose you need wood, to make wood you need a tree, to make a tree you need a seed, … keep going!

We envision “Green” not as fashion or a trend but as a lifestyle. Sustainability an essential element of innovation. We are willing to support people’s awareness during this transition phase. The green economy will change the way of doing business by rethinking the same business model.