Stone Italiana

Recomposed quartz and marble

Our Green points

  1. LEGACY. We are a third generation family founded in 1979 and dedicated to continuous quality – consciuos research.
  2. Our production has two production units, both in Italy. We have always been convinced supporters of the MADE IN ITALY.
  3. We try to maintain, where possible, the SUPPLY CHAIN with Italian quality companies that know how to follow us in our green vision.
  4. Our production system, although industrial, allows to work on customized production, where often the hand of man becomes fundamental. That’s why welike to call ourselves a craft industry.
  5. Since 2010 the roofs of our warehouse are equipped with a photovoltaic system that produces 200KW and since 2017 we have installed e a network economizer in the electric cabin that allows us to regulate energy flows with signifcant saving on consumption, always with the aim of limiting the ENERGY/ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT.
  6. Our company is a big family so WELFARE is at the center of our mission: all employees can contribute their ideas to the growth of the company.
  7. Research has always been in our DNA. Since its foundation, the study of new products started from the use of recycled or waste, a sensitivity that continues today in the vision of an increasingly FUTURE.

What we offer in Green Pea

Stone Italiana, established in Verona in 1979 and specialized in the production of innovative material, works on quartz slabs market for kitchen counter tops, vanity tops, floors and claddings. The company has changed the way of using stone, avoiding the exploitation of quarries and working with raw materials, where possible, for reuse. The company is committed to giving concrete answers to the needs of the furniture market with innovative products and sensitive to environmental impact.

  • Research
  • Quality
  • Customizable
  • Flexibility
  • Certifications

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