Our Green points

  1. ITALIAN AT HEART. Superga® collections have been designed in Torino, Italy, since 1911.
  2. CLASSIC DESIGN. For the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, Superga® sneakers were included in the “50 objects that made the Country” category. They were the first tennis shoes with vulcanized natural rubber soles.
  3. NATURALLY FAITHFUL. With in constant innovation regarding processes and materials, Superga®‘s R&D Centre proudly remains faithful to its origins. Superga® 2750s– the brand’s iconic design–are still handmade in cotton canvas today, with aluminum eyelets and rubber soles: a 100% sustainable, eco-friendly shoe.
  4. CONTEMPORARY PRIDE. Superga® shave been around for generations and have conquered the mall: always in step with the times, between avantgarde and tradition. They were invented yesterday but could’ve been conceived today. Or could be designed tomorrow.
  5. PERFECT SIMPLICITY. We will never stop perfecting the art of simplicity. In design as in industrialization, for Superga® “less is more”: using less resources to achieve more.
  6. CARING FOR PEOPLE. Superga® collections are designed in Italy by the BasicNet Group and manufactured around the world by industrial partners sharing the same company welfare philosophy: ensuring workplaces are conceived to maximize people’s physical and psychological well-being, as well as their safety.
  7. RESPECTING THE ENVIRONMENT. Before joining the BasicNet Group as a partner, every company undergoes careful scrutiny to ensure that not just people but also the environment is respected through certified industrial processes.

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