Our Green points

  1. Established in 2011 thanks to a strong technological know-how, Synesthesia today counts more than 100 people including developers, designers and marketers. The company features a long experience in creating native mobile apps, in world web, in digital marketing and e-commerce. Average age: 28 years old.
  2. We are among the Italian young companies that launch Made in Italy projects, ethical platforms, new technologies, retail and supply chains. We are just 10 years old but the Financial Times (for 3 years) included us in the Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies list.
  3. In our offices over 90% of paper has been cut down and we promote the
    use of sustainable and certified materials.
  4. Attention to sustainable development, open innovation, synergistic collaboration with startups, inclusion, diversification, design, process digitalization: this is our recipe.
  5. The 70% of our employees travel to the office by public transport, bicycles and scooters (2019). The transition to the new way of working from home has lead to a significant reduction in energy impact (-30%). Since January 2020, the power consumption is from solar energy source.
  6. We develop digital solutions in a happy and exciting environment. A place where you feel at home. Team building actions sometimes arise from the employees themselves. A great achievement for us.
  7. In our digital factory, teams of experts and passionate young people work together. Their skills in this field are exactly what are required to design the future and they offer to both our customers and partners the best solutions to communicate, develop their businesses and be on the cutting edge. The goal is obviously to do business, but delivering to the territory knowledge and ability to use new technologies. TuttiConnessi initiative that helps families living in poverty, as well as SpesaSospesa, are both non-profit activities that move into this direction.