Our Green points

  1. We have always taken great pleasure in offering services to people, enterprises and institutions with fixed and mobile offers, internet, premium digital content for entertainment, evolved cloud platforms and IT solutions. We believe that connectivity and digital solutions can bring people together, lead companies to grow and ensure community well-being.
  2. With more than 30 million mobile lines and 17 million fixed network lines, 10,200 exchanges and 22 data centres in Italy, we have a huge responsibility to the environment: this is why we choose to offer services and solutions that foster the adoption of sustainable conduct.
  3. We undertake to increase the trust and satisfaction of our customers every day, responding to their needs with new products and services that are better compatible with the environment (like the new TIM Green range).
  4. For TIM Green products, we use environmentally-friendly, recycled and recyclable materials. We also use sustainability indicators to choose our suppliers, according to a Green Procurement Policy, to minimise the environmental impact.
  5. Increasing energy efficiency is one of our priorities. In our workplaces, we have launched a project to reduce energy consumption, introducing sensor systems. By the end of 2020, we will be using 11% more energy from renewable sources and we aim to become carbon neutral by 2030.
  6. We want our business to be not only a place of work but also of training, growth and opening towards diversity where new stimuli can be experienced and new talents attracted.
  7. In our laboratories, we promote research and innovation and, collaborating with universities and partners of excellence, we develop services that support the business and improve the lives of millions of people

What we offer in Green Pea

TIM offers products and services designed to be environmentally-sustainable and promotes initiatives to ensure their reuse and recycling. The range boasts products from reconditioned smartphones to modems and cordless telephones made with recycled, recyclable and low energy consumption materials, from the SmartHome to IoT and the Green SIM created with 60% recycled plastic.

TIM assures the correct management of fixed and mobile products when they reach the end of their useful life with services like Green Internet for the home and TIM Next.


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