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Our Green points

  1. From the iconic Toret, TOH is born, the independent artistic project starts from the vision of Nicola Russo, an Italian designer / artist who decides to create the first rebirth work after the difficult moment that involved us all.
  2. 100% of the production chain is Piedmontese, in this way the rebirth of which the project is the spokesperson takes place in the area, protecting local crafts.
  3. The entire work is made of sustainable resin with recycled plastic inside.
  4. The production chain of the work and packaging is completely handmade.
  5. The TOH was born and developed in support of the Green Concept.
  6. Rebirth is not just a word, the author has involved an important charity partner for the area such as the FPRC Onlus to give a social function to this artistic project, to which part of the proceeds from sales are donated.
  7. Inspiring a rebirth to welcome the Future is the reason why Nicola Russo created TOH, a work that tells a story of courage because without courage there is no future. Courage = Future

What we offer in Green Pea

A work of rebirth which tells a story of courage.
We are living through one of the most difficult moments of our time, which has put us to the test on many fronts. During this period I tried to imagine an artwork that could symbolise inclusiveness and the courage to expose oneself to welcome the future. Italy was born in Turin, and at that moment the first Toret, an artistic public water fountain with a bull’s head on the front, was installed in the city. Over the years, that fountain has become a symbol of the city, loved by all generations as well as a reminder of the birth of our country. I have chosen to tell a story of courage precisely of that bull, who after having seen all the recent history of this country, looking at the society lost by this crisis, decides to make an heroic gesture, to expose himself, to get involved, so with force breaks the metal of the fountain and comes out, to give a signal, because now it’s time to react.

TOH is a POP artwork, which speaks to everyone, which communicates the values that gave life to our country in Turin in 1861, values of unity and social inclusion that today more than ever we must remember and spread to build the future and wish each other a global peace.

Nicola Russo

  • Rebirth
  • Courage
  • Inclusivity
  • Sustainability
  • Charity

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