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Our Green points

  1. We started out in 1992 and we are an Italian, family-run business. Over the years, we have endeavoured to innovate the heating sector, bringing beauty and design in a continuous dialogue with technology. Today, at the helm of the company is the second generation, fuelled by the same passion and skilled expertise.
  2. We are proud to concentrate our entire production in the historic headquarters in the province of Treviso; the bond with the territory where we came to be is an important value for us, which we continue to protect. This is why we mainly select local suppliers.
  3. We strive to reduce waste and to implement water-saving systems. We choose 100%recyclable materials, such as aluminium, and we use nano-technologies for the painting processes.
  4. Our intuition, thirty years ago, was to transform and revolutionise the concept of the radiator, from a merely functional element to a designer product. We continue to challenge technology and experiment with shapes with the same passion.
  5. We conceive the entire production cycle in total respect of the health of both our employees and of those customers who pick our products for their home.
  6. Technology and innovation constitute the core of the brand, but what makes the difference are the hands of our experts who take great pains with every detail of every product, guaranteeing their impeccable quality.
  7. We are committed to producing high energy efficiency products. The extensive heat exchange surface and reduced water content make it possible to develop high heat outputs, resulting in lower operating expenses of the heating system.

What we offer in Green Pea

Tubes stood out from the rest from the very onset, having revolutionised the appearance of traditional radiators, turning them into genuine iconic pieces.Research and experimentation, both technological and aesthetic, has enabled Tubes to detach the radiator from its traditional definition and re-position it in the home as an item of interior design, sculptural almost, capable of redefining the architectural space. Tubes stands for creativity, design and innovation-all strictly Made in Italy.

  • Quality
  • Craftsmanship
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Design

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Home living & design

We believe that nature’s resources are a precious asset which must be protected.We produce high energy efficiency radiators which, thanks to special internal technology and a carefully-designed shape, require very little water while guaranteeing water and energy savings with an outstanding thermal response. We are proud to have our production in-house and to retain full control over the entire product supply chain; we aim to select local suppliers wherever possible.

We make radiators, those objects which produce heat and keep us warm when we are cold. Did you know that you need water inside the radiators to heat them up? We are heating magicians, because we only use very little water to make our radiators hot. We have a secret which allows usto produce plenty of heat, with only a little water inside. We want to recycle materials as much as possible, to reduce waste and respect the environment.

We imagine a world where natural resources are not exploited to produce energy, but where all forms of heat are self-produced by systems which have no negative impact on the environment. We imagine a world where the air is clean again, where the only form of energy used is self-generated while respecting the ecosystem and that the materials picked for the production of any object are non-polluting.