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Our Green points

  1. Unity is Italian design.
  2. Sustainability is a central theme in Unity production, it is based on principles such as commitment to the environment and people.
  3. Innovative and recycled materials that are low impact and long-lasting.
  4. Unity is committed by avoiding any kind of overproduction of products and materials, so as to limit waste in every way.
  5. Responsible production also through choices of partners who share the same ethical values of the brand.
  6. The garments made, to date, are 60% sustainable, the goal the brand has set is to reach 90%.
  7. A dutiful social commitment and a strong message: everyone has a duty to contribute to the preservation of the planet.

What we offer in Green Pea

The “city life” collection echoes the contemporary lifestyle, essential and dedicated to travelers, professionals of all kinds, offering style and comfort at the same time, enhancing “your best everyday performance.” It reveals an irresistible soul and an unexpectedly modern aesthetic code. Functional and multitasking, clean lines that look to the future, it combines cutting-edge technological materials and sustainable principles.

  • Comfort
  • Performance
  • Dynamic
  • Sustainability
  • City Life

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