Cucine e arredo bagno

Our Green points

  1. For nearly fourty years we have been standing out for designing and manifacturing kitchens made unique thanks to customization, research of materials and innovative production processes.

  2. All our kitchens are made locally, in the area called the “Italian kitchen valley”; artisan processes that are completed within the company thanks to our workers’ know-how.

  3. We changed the paradigms of the industry by becoming the highest expression of eco-sustainability, reliability and durability.

  4. We carry out performance tests on harmful volatile substances, artificial radioactivity, and adhere to the strictest regulations on certifications.

  5. We are a brand based on excellence in terms of innovation, craftsmanship and research. Over the years, we have transformed the kitchen system thanks to dematerialization and proposing the first kitchen made entirely of glass, 100% recyclable.

  6. Each collection is designed with people in mind, to create products that contribute to the wellness and needs of the user to bring about joy in everyday activities. People well being is full when in perfect harmony with the environment in which they live.

  7. We are among the founders of Bioforest, the Association founded in 1999 to promote amore environmentally sensitive production culture. To this end, Bioforest’s goal isto finance projects aimed at reforestation of destroyed or degraded forest ecosystems in Italy and around the world, following strict ecological criteria in line with the characteristics of the areas concerned, to protect the plant and animal biodiversity originally present.

What we offer in Green Pea

We design kitchens made to last generations, kitchens that are timeless and impervious to trends. We transform cooking into an extraordinary experience through the constant innovation of forms and materials. We focus on people and the environment in which they live. We design kitchens that contribute to the daily comfort of the consumer and his freedom of movement. Functional kitchens that meet the requirements and needs of those who use them. A sensory and, above all, healthy space free of toxic elements that are harmful for the user and for the environment.

  • Innovation
  • Eco-sustainability
  • Raw materials
  • Wellbeing
  • Ergonomics

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