Vannucci Piante


Our Green points

  1. Since 1938, we have been producers of ornamental plant in Pistoia, Tuscany, one of the most important nursery districts in Europe and the world.
  2. Our nurseries cover 545 hectares on which over 3000 plant species and varieties are grown. Our hallmark is the large production of a rich and vast assortment of high-quality ornamental plants perfect for major projects, large retail chains, public spaces, and extraordinary private gardens. We export to 60 countries around the world.
  3. We have mechanized many of the stages of production, despite not being able to completely automate the processes. Be that as it may, the human factor–understood as the expertise that comes from an abiding tradition–is still the force that drives our business.
  4. We operate under the most important environmental certifications, (e.g.,MPS and Global Gap).Moreover, we apply our code of ethics to our daily work routines as respect for the environment and the individual have always been in our blood.
  5. Vannucci Zero is an experimental project focused on high environmental sustainability that we are implementing for our production. Localized micro-irrigation systems dispense directly to the plant’s root system only as much water as is strictly necessary, with up to 90% of the excess reused. Plants are grown without using glyphosate owing to a layer of fresh wood-chip mulch that prevents grass from growing in the container. Layers of coconut fiber, an eco-compatible material, are used to improve the rooting and permitting internal humidity to be extended. These products are cultivated in second-life plastic containers

Where do you find us



Life Move, energy & connect

Make gardens, not war. It’s almost a calling. Our production and the way we do it are worlds apart from the push towards war and violence. We respond to destruction with creation. Therefore, we believe that our plants, our product/non – product, have the power to inspire peace and harmony. As a consequence of all this and much more, we’ve always felt very green.

Our parents were great plant lovers, who ran a company that had consideration for people and the environment. Without knowing it, they were already green! Naturally, we learned from them what today seems like a novelty, but which is actually quite ancient – a love for plants, the planet, and people.

We picture the world like a great big heart. A green heart in which we are connected to each other and where plants help us to better and more respectfully experience this connection to ourselves, others, and the planet. Many people, many plants, a single heartbeat.