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Our Green points

  1. Italo Buccella, together with his wife Annamaria Merli, laid Vibieffe foundation in 1968 in Lissone, the heart of Brianza furniture district. Today Vibieffe is represented by Alessandro Buccella, whose knowledge of the industry has given a new boost to the company. A family history: an important heritage of resources and knowledge. True entrepreneurial values are passed down with passion and hard work, but also with great satisfaction. Over the years Vibieffe has embarked on a path of professional growth with continuous confirmations and today it is an established and well-known company worldwide. Starting from an enterprising idea, the founder created a small workshop for sofas and armchairs in Lissone, which has constantly been in evolution with the new genera=on, up to be a pres=gious company of this city in Brianza, recognized for its manufacturing excellence. Vibieffe is currently represented by the best commercial realities all around the world. .
  2. Vibieffe, faithful to strong values, has always been exclusively a Made in Italy company, whose products are designed and manufactured by skilled craftsmen of the area. In fact Vibieffe production can more properly be defined as “Made in Brianza“. Research, development and production all take place within a single production site in collaboration with historical partnerships of expert and specialized suppliers.
  3. Here is Vibieffe motto and philosophy: to produce respecting our customers, respecting others as ourselves. We respect our customers, employees, suppliers and in doing so we reaffirm the value of each person; creating an atmosphere of mutual satisfaction, communicating our enthusiasm and our heart. We are convinced that creating beauty does not only mean using the best materials, but also revealing the soul we have inside and protecting the balance between environment and society.
  4. The raw materials used by Vibieffe have changed over the years. We find the philosophy of respect above all in the care for the environment and in a constant research for the use of woods, rubbers and fibers that respect the values of sustainability.
  5. The act of manufacturing is not just about employing renewable raw materials, but also about using them in the best way to reduce waste and to consume less during production. It is not only a matter of business administration, but it is a lesson to be followed every day, even just by turning off the last light before closing. Also our suppliers aim to ensure the use of energy from renewable sources as much as possible.
  6. People’s well-being should be the centre of our life and it is the first thought that has always distinguished daily life in Vibieffe. We couldn’t forget the dinners, parties and company trips that my father arranged from the very beginning. A nice word every morning, always listening to other people’s needs and advices, finding yourself in a family: this is Vibieffe. We think that working in a functional environment, that is air-conditioned in every department and sanitized, helps to feel better and the result achieved will be better too.
  7. It’s difficult to imagine how upholstery industry will change in the future since the tools currently used in industrial processes are almost the same of 19th century. The principles in which Vibieffe wants to find and recognize itself for the future are the combination of business and social balance, the value of each person and the care for the environment, ensuring a good quality of life in the community where we live and work.

What we offer in Green Pea

Space divided in two areas – in the exhibition area there are four models and each one has its own style – 4 pictures to be defined. Each picture tells the company philosophy and the values involved in the product, to stimulate visitors’ senses and to create a feeling of well-being. The internal area will be exclusively dedicated to the presentation of the product and here are displayed materials, finishes, configurations: around the table the customer finds all necessary elements to feel welcome and free to create his own space.

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Emotion
  • Well-being

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Home living & design

We are all unique, we can become extraordinary by accepting new challenges: we join Green Pea project because we have a common care for people, and we do it with a modern collection of sofas and home furnishings.

We like to think that we can improve our environment, we make home furnishings paying attention to the production process.

Nature has its own cycle and it doesn’t need man, we think that even for furniture production we will have to use more and more natural materials and to think about an environmentally friendly waste disposal. We have to pay great attention to energy production, the current system must be overcome.