Our Green points

  1. For almost ten years we have been working and operating both globally and locally with pride and respect for the environment.
  2. Most of our goods are produced in house, with passion for the real MADE IN ITALY.
  3. 70% of the materials we work are natural, recycled or recyclable.
  4. We are a family owned business. And all our collaborators are treated like they are ones.
  5. We have been working with our suppliers for several years and the chain is fully controlled. A real relation of collaboration and friendship.
  6. We have one goal: to make people discover again the relation we have with the daily products. Because sustainability is in the smaller things.
  7. Within 2024 all plastic materials will be compostable or biodegradable.

What we offer in Green Pea

We are a young Milanes brand of tech and lifestyle items. Our final goal is to make the relationship we have with the daily products better. Through sustainability, innovation, and a lot of fun. It’s the WOOD’D Way!

  • funky
  • young
  • sustainable
  • smart
  • natural

Where do you find us



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