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Our Green points

  1. Zao make-up was born in France in 2012 with the aim of creating a 100% natural, certified organic and vegan and refillable make-up brand, aware of the impact of our consumption on the environment but also performing and comparable to make-up brands conventional.
  2. We produce more than 90% of our product in Italy, the remaining 10% in France.
  3. Our raw materials are obtained by a non-polluting and simple transformation. ZAO products do not contain petrochemical derivatives or synthetic preservatives, which is why they are healthy for your skin. Thanks to our ecological and ethical commitments, we obtained the mention « Slow Cosmetic » in 2014. The quality of our raw materials is also of paramount importance. That’s why we are always looking for new natural ingredients to guarantee you the best.
  4. We chose bamboo packaging because it allows us to have refillable products and therefore limit waste: by creating a charging system we choose to act in favour of the environment. Thanks to these packaging we produce less waste, use less plastic and consume less energy
  5. Eco-design is at the heart of our thinking: that’s why our primary packaging is bamboo. It is an ecological raw material because it has a phenomenal growth without the need of any fertilizers or pesticides. All trees are carbon hoarders, but bamboo’s exceptional growth rate makes it a champion in carbon capture throughout its life cycle. This aspect allows ZAO products to declare a reduced CO2 balance. The bamboo used for our packaging grows in endemic forests in protected areas.
  6. To close the circle of eco-sustainability we have created the ZAO ECOBOX which allows us to collect and reuse or properly recycle finished refills (sticks, bottles, tubes and buckets). It is a small box present in Zao resellers and guarantees the recovery and recycling of the collected packaging, by selected operators within a radius of 200 km around our headquarters.
  7. Innovation is at the heart of our mission, continuously experimenting with new natural ingredients to guarantee you the best. The active ingredients contained in our products make our make-up ideal even for the most sensitive and irritable skin. Bamboo is also incorporated into formulas as organic silica, an element naturally present in our body and that which participates in the process of producing collagen, which preserves the elasticity of tissues.

What we offer in Green Pea

For a beauty that takes care of your skin and nature, Zao has created for you 100% natural cosmetics, Organic and Vegan certified. Let yourself be seduced by the dazzling colors and textures that combine comfort and long-lasting with a refillable bamboo packaging, with a modern and elegant design. Zao make-up is just as powerful and sensorial as conventional make-up. The innovative system of Zao refills makes each product ecological and economical, allowing you to easily replace the product by buying only the refill and keeping the bamboo container to reuse it indefinitely.

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