Our Green points

  1. Ours is a simple story, similar to that of other Italian companies that have focused their work on quality and an expertise that is handed down from one generation to the next. The story of a family, which began in 1969 in Mogliano Veneto (TV), when Elio Salvadori started the namesake shop to manufacture bed bases for naval supplies.
  2. Today, under the Zigflex brand, Salvadori Srl is a benchmark for excellence Made in Italy: from Scorzè, in the province of Venice, we carry on with a production that looks towards a greener tomorrow yet still maintains the same painstaking craftsmanship as yesterday.
  3. We not only care about products, but the secret of our company’s success is also due to the many people who have been working together with us for 30 years: People who started out with us and have never left us.
  4. The focus of our work has always been people and their well-being. “Well sleeping, well being” is a philosophy that motivates us even more to be environmentally friendly: at the end of the day, even when it comes to well-being, nature is a precious ally
  5. The use of naturally-sourced raw materials, a careful recycling supply chain and the re-use of production waste–from fabrics to packaging–are the starting point of our journey towards a “greener” future.
  6. In the meantime, however much we enjoy it, we are not content merely with dreaming: that is why we devote part of our efforts to the pursuit of innovative materials, which require increasingly environmentally-friendly methods and production cycles.

What we offer in Green Pea

The Natural Range is the sleeping system which best portrays the Green Pea philosophy: a force of nature focused into products affording exceptional comfort and well-being, with a low environmental impact. Mattresses, bed bases and furnishings are the result of a combination of technology and plant-based raw materials: CE certified medical devices which adapt to the most varied sleeping requirements, fostering sleep while respecting the environment.


Where do you find us



Home living & design

Experience has taught us that in order to keep our promises the only way forward is that of responsibility: towards mankind and towards the environment. We aim for the well-being of people, and nature is a precious ally to achieve our goal.

The use of naturally-sourced raw materials, a careful recycling supply chain and the re-use of production waste are the travel companions of quality craftsmanship and passion that have guided us from the onset.

Did you know that you need to sleep well to live well? We make thoroughly comfortable mattresses, so people sleep well and live better. But that is not enough: Have you ever thought that we feel much better when our surrounding environment is doing well too?

That is why we treat nature like a friend even when we are working: we borrow what we need without exaggerating and when we no longer need it we recycle it, so we turn it into something else without taking advantage of nature’s generosity!

Our products are devised while looking to the future, for the well-being of mankind and the environment: for this reason our commitment focuses on the pursuit of materials and product development processes that require increasingly sustainable methods and production cycles.

We believe in a future where design is not a styling objective, but the stimulating process that can define a new idea of beauty through attractive objects that are appreciated precisely for being the result of harmony between mankind and nature.